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Terms and Conditions


By participating in the Hosted Buyers Programme of Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa , you automatically accept the following terms and conditions:


  1. Hosted Buyers are designated according to the Organization’s eligibility criteria: professional profile, company economical details (such as purchasing and importing volume), products of interest, geographical area, limit of places and budgetary restrictions. The Organization’s decision is final.


  1. Buyers accepted into the program will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Full or partial coverage of travel expenses and/or full or partial coverage of accommodation expenses
  • Complimentary Alimentaria & Horexpo pass for all the Show opening days
  • Access to the Club Alimentaria & Horexpo VIP area, with refreshments, specialized press, business center and internet services.
  • Tranfer from airport to hotel and hotel to airport.


  1. Participants will be responsible for any other expenses which the organisers do not agree to cover when acceptance into the program is confirmed.


  1. Hosted Buyers are subject to take part in at least 12 meetings with exhibitors of interest. The agendas will be organized through a matchmaking platform.


  1. If a participant does not attend the show or fails to fulfil their obligations as a Hosted Buyer (item 4), he/she must reimburse the organisers for travel and/or accommodation expenses.


6. Participants who cancel once their ticket has been issued and/or their hotel reservation made must take responsibility for full payment of any costs and fees which may be incurred as a result of the cancellation.



7. Flights will only be reserved from major airports. Departure and arrival airports must be the same.



8. By taking part in the Hosted Buyers Programme, you give your consent for basic contact information for your company (name, country, products and website), as well as your name and position, to appear as a participating company/professional on the Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa website and/or printed materials for the trade show.



9. Participation in the trade show as a Hosted Buyer is non-transferable. Should you be forced to cancel your participation in the trade show, another person from the same organisation may take your place. The organizers will make the final decision with regard to the person designated as a replacement. If the change is made after the ticket has been issued, the hosted buyer will pay for the name change expenses



10. Any Hosted Buyers who require a visa to travel to Portugal must contact the organisers to request an invitation letter. Hosted Buyers who are unable to travel because they do not have a valid visa will be subject to the penalties for cancellation and non-attendance (see items 5 and 6).